Live at 9: Strickland on the ACLU lawsuit, Watercooler Wednesday & Napa Cafe

Mayor Strickland on the ACLU lawsuit

The ACLU lawsuit against the City of Memphis is heating up.  On Tuesday, we learned that a Memphis police officer posed as an activist on social media to monitor what was going on among local groups. City spokeswoman Ursula Madden defended the practice, saying more than 150 law enforcement agencies across the country use this type of monitoring.

Mayor Jim Strickland shared his thoughts on the matter.

Treating varicose veins

Varicose veins might seem more like an appearance issue but they can actually pose some pretty serious health threats.
Even before that point, they can cause fatigue and pain.

Now, a kind of super-glue can help. Dr. Jon Roberts explains.

Watercooler Wednesday

Bev Johnson and Latty join us to talk about Madonna, the Kevin Hart controversy and the dangers of the internet.

Cooking with Napa Cafe

If you're feeling particularly happy this week, it may be because this week features National Bacon Day and who doesn't love bacon? We asked Napa Cafe owner Glenda Hastings to show us how you can turn a breakfast dish into an easy, inexpensive appetizer that you can try at home!

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