Memphis family pauses on 10th anniversary of little girl’s death

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It's been a decade since the murder of the 3-month-old Memphis girl, and now her family is using the tragedy to send a message.

Family and friends gathered Saturday night in honor of Jalissa Fuller.

The baby girl's father, Julius Fuller, was charged for her death and sentenced to 50 years — 25 years for child abuse and 25 additional years for the murder of his daughter.

To this day, the family still wishes it was all a bad nightmare.

"He apologized once but still won't tell the truth about what happened," said Allison Rodgers, Jalissa's sister.

The family has managed to let go of some pain, but even as they release balloons in her memory years later, they can't get over the grief her murder brought to them.

"Some days I hate him and some days I don't have hate for him," Rodgers said.

It makes the issue of domestic violence more personal than ever to this family, who wants to make sure no one else lives through the pain they've been left to endure.

"Stop killing, stop domestic violence and stop child abuse," they said.

Tamika Baskin says she left baby Jalissa with her father while she went to work a decade ago. When she got back, the 3-month-old was dead — and Julius Fuller could only come up with excuses as to what happened to her.

It was never determined what actually happened to Jalissa. There are mixed stories when it comes to that.

The father originally blamed the deadly injury on the baby's sister, and then he admitted to falling with the child in his arms, but said that was an accident.

Jalissa died from blunt force trauma.

"I always imagine what she would have been like, how she would have acted, especially when it comes to birthdays," Baskin said.

Now, this mother is only left with photos, but she says she will never stop sharing Jalissa's story with the world in hopes of saving a life — and the rest of the family stands by that vow too.

"We ain't never going to forget her," said Jaylen Thomas, Jalissa's brother. "That is one thing we are never going to forget. She's still a part of this family."


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