Police seize $1,900, guns and stolen blank checks after suspect hides behind air conditioner

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The Comfort Inn provided no comfort to four accused criminals who showed up in the parking lot Tuesday.

Police said they tried to pull over a car on Shelby Oaks Drive for high beams and broken brake light, but had to give chase when two men bounded out of the backseat.

Officers said they soon caught Joshua Young, but found Deshawn Bell hiding behind an air conditioning unit outside the hotel with a gun propped up against the unit. They said they found another gun nearby that had been reported stolen from Kentucky in 2014.

“If I see that [expletive], I’m a run from him. With that kind of record, I don’t even want him around here,” said Young’s uncle, James Price.

Back in the car, police say they found Marcel Glass and Carlos Whitten along with a bag of marijuana, a scale with marijuana residue and more than $1,900 they believe could have come from drug sales.

They also found several blank checks taken from checkbooks swiped in a string of car break-ins in March.

All of the suspects had bonded out of jail by Wednesday evening.

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