MLGW warns customers of scam on social media

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — MLGW is warning people about a scam that's making its rounds on social media.

Customers called WREG filled with false hope after spotting a post in a Facebook group.

Nancy Crawford, with the Better Business Bureau, says scams like this usually surface during the summer when it's really hot and people are in need for cash and are short on their bills.

"It's called an impostor scam, and they use the name of a reputable company. If people are offering to help you out, people are going to want to take advantage of that.," Crawford said.

The post claims some customers will only have to pay half their bill if the qualify for a special program, because Metropolitan Inter-faith Association, or MIFA, will pay the rest.

"If you see something on social media and it has not come from MLGW, then you want to be very wary of that," Crawford said.

MLGW says it's definitely a scam, but some parts of the post are true.

"We do partner with MIFA for the plus one program. Anyone who benefits must apply in person," the company said.

But Gale Jones Carson says MLGW wouldn't use Facebook to find people in need.

"We don't advertise or promote the program via social media," she said.

MLGW wouldn't, but Crawford says scammers would.

"Unfortunately the crooks are just pocketing the money themselves."

Even with the programs that are legit, customers still have to meet certain requirements.

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