Three suspects caught breaking into cars in Crosstown

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Three individuals were taken into custody overnight after allegedly breaking into several cars in Crosstown.

On August 9, a woman called police after spotting three suspects get out of a car on Overton Park wearing gloves and masks. She told police they began walking down the street pulling on door handles. When they came upon a car that was unlocked, they got inside and rummaged through the person’s belongings, she said.

The woman was able to give police a description of the men before they arrived.

Upon making the scene, officers said they quickly located the three suspects who then fled. All three were taken into custody.

The suspects were identified as Tyrance Mills,  Eric Simpson and Tyrone Williams.

According to police, Simpson was carrying a bag which had a strange array of stolen items inside including Versace perfume, two DVD players, a bottle of hair glue, two screw drivers, 9mm ammo and a pocket knife.

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