Woman shoots at vehicle, missing 4-year-old in Germantown road rage incident

Kennon Brogdon, Nancy Brogdon and Landon Soberanis

GERMANTOWN — A small child was in the middle of a road rage incident in Germantown that landed three people behind bars.

Kennon Brogdon was traveling down North Street with his mother, Nancy Brogdon, in the passenger seat when another driver who had been following them tried to go around.

The act reportedly angered Kennon Brogdon who eventually got out of his car and confronted the driver, Landon Soberanis, in “an aggressive manner.”

Kennon Brogdon allegedly struck the man’s passenger side window and door multiple times with his fist and feet.

That’s when Soberanis said he got out of the car to talk to the man. The confrontation led to shouting, pushing and shoving, but Soberanis told authorities he walked away thinking about his son who was sitting in the backseat of his car.

He said he was in the process of leaving when Nancy Brogdon opened fire on his vehicle.

One of the bullets narrowly missed the four-year-old’s car seat, police said. The child was not injured during the incident.

The two men were charged with simple assault.

Nancy Brogdon was charged with aggravated assault.

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