Family seeks pit bull’s owner after dog mauls toddler in Shelby Farms

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A toddler was badly bitten Wednesday by a pit bull running loose in Shelby Farms, and now his family is trying to track down the owner.

As the little boy heals, his family is trying to get the word on on social media, hoping the man who they think is responsible will come forward or someone will recognize him.

A mother was hanging out with her son in the park one minute and frantically speeding to the hospital the next.

"My heart, sunk my jaw dropped," said Brittney Block, the victim's aunt. "To see a little kid with stitches on his face like that, and to know he has staples in his head.

Brittney Block said her 2-year-old nephew was playing at Shelby Farms when, she says, a pit bull came from out of nowhere.

"The whole entire side of his face was completely ripped apart," she said.

The family said the owner seemed more concerned about his dog during the attack than the boy.

"The owner didn't help was actually yelling and screaming at my sister because she kicked the dog off," Block said.

And even as the child's mother scrambled to rush him to the car to get help, there was still no relief in sight as the dog followed her to the vehicle.

So the angry aunt took to Twitter to give her description of the dog owner, hopeful that someone can recognize him.

She pointed out that people not only stood and watched without helping her sister but, at this point, no one has come forward as a witness. She's hoping to press on hearts and change that.

"The owner is at fault in this situation," she said. "He should have had his dog on a leash."

Park rules stipulate dogs can only be off the leash at the designated dog park. The family is filing a complaint with the park.


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