Officer injured, man arrested in violent incident outside Elvis Presley Boulevard grocery

Brandon Partee

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An officer was injured and a young man arrested after an encounter outside an Elvis Presley Boulevard grocery turned violent.

Officers were called to the Cash Saver around noon on Tuesday after an employee called 911 saying a young man named Brandon Partee was causing a disturbance inside the business. Their security officer had reportedly tried to get the man to leave, but Partee refused.  He was reportedly trying to fight the guard when officers arrived.

Officers said they also asked him to leave, explaining that the business didn’t want him there, but again he refused. Instead of walking away, Partee allegedly began taunting officers and yelling at them to lock him up because he would be coming back. He told them he was going to leave whenever he felt like it.

During this encounter with police, the suspect allegedly balled up his fist and approached the officer in an “aggressive manner.” In response, the officer put up his own hand to stop the suspect, but Partee allegedly pushed it aside and began shoving the officer in the chest.

The two ended up wrestling to the ground, but still the suspect would not comply with the officer’s repeated demands to stop. The officer eventually was forced to use pepper spray on the man to get him to comply.

Partee was taken to the hospital for treatment and then booked into jail. He was charged with criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and resisting official detention.

The officer was injured during the encounter after Partee allegedly bit him on the hand.

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