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Law firm combing records, talking to teachers in school principal’s investigation

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — More complaints against Kingsbury High School's principal, already suspended for harassment and bullying allegations, are coming to light.

Wednesday, the law firm Shelby County Schools hired to investigate asked another round of teachers about past issues with Terry Ross.

Teachers who met with the law firm said they went over every encounter and then were asked how they felt.

The school board chair expects this investigation to be thorough, since this isn’t the first time they’ve hired this firm.

"When we became aware of the situation, we acted," said Shelby County Schools chair Shante Avant.

She says the superintendent notified the board last week that Ross would be suspended with pay while he’s investigated for harassment and bullying allegations.

Last week WREG started asking questions about Ross’ lengthy file that included allegations from teachers, staff and law enforcement claiming Ross created a hostile work environment..

Avant says Butler Snow is the external firm the district hired, the same attorneys who investigated grade changing allegations at Trezevant High School.

"So yes, we know they do good work," she said.

Students say rumors are flying down the halls, since Ross never showed up to the first day of school, and staff and parents didn’t hear from the district until Tuesday afternoon.

The vice principal, Shenar Miller, is temporarily taking over and a former principal will be helping out.

County leaders expect the situation will be taken care of. Kingsbury is in commissioner Heidi shafer’s district.

"If there are questions or improprieties, I’d rather we know about it, handle it and get it taken care of," said County Commissioner Heidi Shafer, who represents Kingsbury's district.

It's not known how long the investigation will take. WREG was not able to get in touch with Ross on Wednesday.

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