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Live at 9: National Night Out, the dangers of gluten-free for pets & ASD

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National Night Out

Thirty-four years ago Americans took to the streets to show criminals they weren’t welcome in their neighborhood. This year, more than 38 million people are expected to take part in National Night Out, including thousands right here in Shelby County.

Will Norris and Marcus Harris are with one of the most organized groups – the Downtown Neighborhood Association- and they have some advice for groups that want to be more effective.

The dangers of pets going gluten-free

According to one study, the number of Americans going gluten-free has tripled in the last 10 years and some of them are bringing their dogs along for the ride. It's a decision which could be harmful to your pet.

Veterinarian Angie Zinkus explained why.

What you need to know about Autism Spectrum Disorder

The number of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, is up by 15 percent in the last few years - making it the most common developmental disability in the U.S. Early intervention is key to helping kids with ASD achieve their potential and that requires increasing both funding for research, and awareness so parents know what to look for.

Both Gene Mangiante and Rob Fischer have children with ASD.

Author Chat with Cindy McMillion

The crime of human trafficking is getting more attention these days, and there are a number of Mid-South organizations that help victims escape and build better lives. But one new effort focuses on helping all of us understand that we have more in common in those victims, than not.

Cindy McMillion is a volunteer with The Lisieux Community and her new book compiles the stories of some of the sex trade workers being helped by that organization.

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