Parents express concern about registration issues at White Station on first day of school

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some parents are feeling the back to school blues as they try to get their children all squared away.

Several parents reached out to us about registration issues at White Station High. They say that shouldn't have been the case, because they took care of it months ago.

"She was registered and had a confirmation. She came in and was not on the home roster," parent Gina Dillingham said.

This mother says she had the paperwork to prove her daughter was registered, but it didn't matter.

"They asked me to leave and go call my mom," her daughter Ava Dillingham said.

Ava left school to tell her mother that she couldn't get into class.

Even when Gina showed up to re-register her daughter, things didn't speed up.

"Everyone was shoulder to shoulder. It was so crowded in there," she said.

According to several parents, the district is using a new system it claimed would simplify the registration process.

"Once you register it's done. You can't go back in," Gina said.

She says it actually made the first day back a headache.

"Fancy is failing. They should go back to the old-fashioned way."

Dozens of parents rushed to re-do the registration process they say was done months before Shelby County Schools advised them to do so.

"I've spent over three hours here. I have a job too," Gina said.

The mother says she feels for the parents who couldn't make it back to straighten things out.

"I was able to come back, but what about the kids just sitting in the auditorium?" she asked.

WREG reached out to Shelby County Schools to figure out what's the problem.

They tells us they had no widespread registration complications.

"We are so tired from standing, we are going home. We will just start tomorrow," a parent said.

SCS says it will have extra support at the Board of Education to help families who still have to register their children tomorrow.

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