Woman, kids carjacked in Med District

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police say they're looking for four people involved in a violent Medical District carjacking where one of the suspects even used a machine gun.

It happened Sunday night to a mom with her two kids and boyfriend while they were parked outside their apartment near Vance and Pauline Street.

Neighbors say the area on the edge of Central Gardens and the Medical District is usually pretty quiet.

"It was a shock to me because we’re not supposed to have something like that happen in this area,” a neighbor said.

People nearby didn’t want to be identified because police are still looking for the suspects.

They say a man and woman were coming home from alaundromat around 10 p.m. They parked with two kids in the car.

That’s when the mom tells said an SUV pulled up behind them and three people got out. They were armed and yelling.

She says she was most afraid when one of the suspects came up to her and her children using a machine gun.

Police also say the suspects forced the man to take off his pants. They took his iPhone and forced the couple and children out.

Then the suspect with the machine gun drove off westbound on Vance in their car.

The apartments across the street say they’re under 24-hour surveillance, but police say they couldn’t find any cameras that captured the incident.

Police say the stolen car was a 2004 Lexus 330 with a Tennessee handicap tag. It has a dent on the front end.

If you see it, call 901-528-CASH.