Berclair man struggles after car hits him, keeps driving

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Mike Callis may never be the man he once was. The 70-year-old was in a crosswalk at Macon and Waring last Saturday when a driver hit him and took off instead of stopping to help.

Callis lives with his daughter, Anna Lozano, who can't believe someone would do that.

"To know you hit somebody. To know you hit a little old man walking across the street and just leave, it kills me," Lozano says.

Callis was taken to Regional One for a number of injuries including two fractured hips and a fractured vertebra in his back. He was in the ICU for nearly a week until Friday when he was finally released and put into a regular hospital room.

Callis had both hips replaced and, at the very least, will need to use a wheelchair for quite some time.

"I don't know what kind of quality of life he'll have when he comes home," Lozano says.

A family friend started a gofundme page with $1,000 goal, mainly to install a ramp at his house. More than half the money has already been raised.

CLICK HERE: Mike Callis gofundme

The generosity is helping Lozano cope with what's happened. She says Callis was an active man before the accident. She says he always played with his grandkids or walked around the neighborhood. She fears he'll never be able to live like he used to but has faith in his determination to rehab.

"He's very stubborn," Lozano says.

The driver who hit her dad has yet to be identified by police.

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