Bright Spot: Downtown business owner draws visitors to Memphis through love for Grizzlies

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — "I go to sleep in Grizzly stuff. I wake up in Grizzly gear."

This type of commitment doesn't happen overnight.

"I got another jersey on the bottom of it. I wear three or four jerseys a day."

But Rhobb Hunter Jr. has every reason to overload on Grizzly gear.

"I was 16 when I had open heart surgery and they came out full force."

Even before the grit and grind slogan came into play, he said it was the team who stood by his side and cheered him on.

"I got to meet Mike Miller personally. He gave me some of his Olympic shoes signed and Olympic jersey signed. Unfortunately I don't have it because I wore it so much."

Their support only made his commitment to his home team grow even more.

"Going through that process with the Grizzlies meant everything to me. I don't think I would have made it without them."

That was a decade ago. Hunter now owns three successful businesses and those hospital bed days are a distant memory,  but he never forgot the team that had his back. They became his driving force towards success.

"I feel like I`m a part of the team."

He said it's now his turn to pass the baton and show die-hard support wherever he goes.

"I've been to China, Nicaragua, South America and everywhere I go I take Grizzly jerseys and Grizz stuff to give to other people."

And with each encounter his unique Grizzly attire opens up the conversation about Memphis and pulls positive attention to the city.

"Memphis Sound jersey - everyone says 'Where did you get that jersey?' I don't want you to get it because I have it."

From airports to hanging out in some of the most well-known places in the world, you can find Hunter decked out in Grizz gear.

"I took a picture at the Great Wall with my Grizzly jersey but my phone got stolen so I don't have that picture."

Last week the whole world met Hunter after he popped onto their screens during a basketball game in Las Vegas - sending Twitter accounts into a frenzy.

"Once they see a person who represents the Grizzlies, loves downtown and is a real business owned downtown then people will talk about all the awesome things Memphis has to offer."

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