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Sex offender arrested, charged with aggravated prostitution

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A sex offender is behind bars, accused of hanging out in a South Memphis park just feet from children.

Parents were even more unnerved to find out why Susie Randle had a very lengthy rap sheet that includes prostitution while knowing she had HIV.

From Susie, to Susan and Suzie, police said the woman has many aliases. But for this story, we'll call her Susie Randle.

Officers called her Susie Randle when they booked her Wednesday for violating the sex offender registry.

Court documents state she was in Gaston Park on South Third Tuesday afternoon, just feet from where children were playing. They went on to say Randle was known to officers as a sex offender and also had a warrant for aggravated prostitution.

Police say when they arrested Randle, she gave a different address than the one listed on the sex offender registry.

"It's so close, and it's summer time. Kids are out there all the time. That ain't good," said Ben Berry, who has spent time at the park.

WREG leaned that Randle has been a sex offender for the past decade when she was convicted of criminal attempt to commit aggravated prostitution.

Police say, during a sting, she had agreed to sex knowing she had HIV.

That's not all.

Randle's rap sheet dates back to 2002.

She's been in and out of jail dozens of times for mostly soliciting, prostitution and criminal trespass. Many of those charges are misdemeanors that come with little jail time.

"It's shocking. She should've been locked up, but they keep letting her out. What else can you do about it?" said Berry.

Randle is now locked up on a $23,000 bond for the latest charge. It's a felony that could land her six years in prison.

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