Does It Work: The Obritrim Pro Gas Trimmer

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Jimmy Rodgers likes to keep his yard nice and neat. He normally trims around trees and edges the driveway with an Echo Gas Trimmer which requires a spool of string, but would love to ditch wires and strings altogether.

"Once the string goes out, you've got to take it apart. You've got to stop for 15 minutes or so to put a new string on. And it takes up time you could be cutting. "

That's why he was interested to see if the Obritrim Pro Gas Trimmer can truly mow grass as it claims.

"If this works for that, that would be great because we have small patches you just can't get a mower in very easily."

It had three steel blades and came with a variety of nuts, bolts and washers to help attach to your gas trimmer depending on the brand you have. As for the instructions ...

"It says right here it's compatible with and it gives specific brands. We have the Echo so we look for the Echo in the instructions."

It took a few moments to put it together but still beat the alternative.

"It's still easier than threading a whole bunch of thread onto a cartridge."

First, we tried to mow high grass with it.

"It took one swipe and iI got kind of the feel of it. It was able to keep a really good level and it cut pretty well."

Quick safety note.

"There`s a lot of grass debris it throws at you so definitely wear pants and have some safety glasses on."

Next up was the driveway. Rodgers edged it earlier with his string trimmer. Let's see if the Orbitrim can edge just as good.

"Obviously you can tell that ring on the outside of it mostly just spun on the grass and didn't really cut much at all."

So, Rodgers took it over the planter box to see if he could get a close trim.

"It cut a nice line but it just... that outer ring makes it difficult to cut all the way to a nice clean edge."

And for our final test: trimming bushes.

"It did cut a few of them but as you can see, it was not very effective. You would spend a lot of time on a bush that a regular hedge trimmer would take care of for you."

Orbitrim, you failed the Does It Work test.

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