Woman arrested in connection to father of nine’s murder case

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman was arrested after police said she filed a false report in connection to the recent murder of a father of nine.

On July 11, officers were called to the 2400 block of Keen Road where they located a 33-year-old man dead from a gunshot wound.

The victim had reportedly been involved in a disagreement with a known individual prior to the shooting. They didn’t say what the argument was about, but the father was eventually shot while driving down the street. He lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the front of a home.

On Tuesday, WREG learned a day after that shooting a woman identified as Helen Carr called police and told them she was present when the incident occurred.She stated she was following a dark blue vehicle down the street when the driver fired shots at the victim.

However, surveillance video obtained during the investigation suggests that’s not what happened. Officer said the video showed the suspect was driving a white car. In addition, the suspect was seen inside Carr’s vehicle prior to the shooting.

Carr was questioned again by police but refused to change her statement.

She was arrested and charged with false reporting. It’s unclear if additional charges are pending.