Live at 9: Downtown carriage rides, renting 101 & helping older Americans find work

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Horse drawn carriages

The horse drawn carriages in Downtown Memphis were recently in the spotlight after two passengers were hurt Friday night.

Jake Schorr and Jake Schorr with The Carriage Company talk about that on Live at 9.

Protecting yourself when looking for a home

The recent arrest of a Mid-South man accused of renting a house that wasn't his serves as a reminder to all of us to approach any agreement with caution. And this time of year, more renters are looking for a deal, as the university's new semester begins.

Nancy Crawford with the BBB shared some pointers.

Helping older Americans find work


Older Americans are less financially secure than in past decades. In fact, nearly half of all Americans in their 70s still carry debt, up from just 31 percent back in 2007. That's just one reason that the U.S. has more senior citizens going back to work than we've seen in 55 years.

Helping them get back in the workforce is just one of the services Meritan provides.

Music with Destiny Stone

For more information on Destiny, visit her Facebook page.

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