Coyote sightings surge in Bartlett area

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BARTLETT, Tenn. – There’s been a rise in coyote sightings in and around Bartlett in recent weeks.

They’ve been spotted at vacant homes, in backyards and even in traffic.

Mary Frogge said she first spotted them about two or three weeks ago several blocks down from her Bartlett home.

“I saw maybe three or four coming out from some underbrush,” Frogge said.

This weekend, she spotted a lone coyote sitting in the shade on a vacant lot on Summer Avenue near Elmore Road.

Monday, she saw one walking on Summer Avenue.

“A lot of a cars and he wasn’t fazed. The cars were just going around him,” Frogge said.

Another woman told WREG she saw a coyote on Whitten Road near Reese Friday morning.

A woman living on Elmore Road said she’s noticed coyotes coming right up to her front door.

Last Wednesday, Vanessa Taylor snapped a picture of a coyote walking around with a cat in its mouth in the Green Acres Mobile Home Park.

Dennis Ballard said he saw coyotes at his home off Elmore Road on two separate occasions about four weeks ago.

One was walking on the sidewalk in front of his home, he said. Another time, one had crept into his backyard.

“He just looked at me, and then when I yelled at him, he ran off,” Ballard said.

That’s exactly what wildlife experts suggest -- make a loud noise to scare any coyotes off.

“I’m ready to take that coyote if I get a good chance to –- to eliminate it,” Ballard said.

Frogge said she hopes it doesn’t come to that.

“I’m an animal lover, I don’t want to see them hurt, but yeah, they could be relocated somewhere that everybody would be safe including them,” she said.

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