Arizona father creates ‘drowning prevention drone’ for pools

Photo: boggy22/Thinkstock

PHOENIX —   With the hot weather baking the southwest, Lee Kimbar told CBS 5 he and his family love to get outdoors for a swim. But just like other parents, he said he’s constantly worrying about pool safety.

Even more heartbreaking, he said, is how many people have died so far this summer from pool-related accidents. Determined to help, Kimbar created the Morningstar SOS system, a drone device that helps you monitor your pool at all times.

The technology uses cameras above and below the water.

“The minute they approach the pool, it will send you a notification saying [someone’s] by the pool,” Kimbar told the TV station.

If someone gets in the pool, a second notification is sent. At that point, the device will also allow you access to the cameras so you can see what’s going on live from your own backyard.

If it truly is an emergency requiring first responders, you can then push the “emergency contact” button. This will automatically notify 911 for you and even give emergency crews your address and contact information so you don’t waste valuable seconds on the phone.

While it should never replace supervision, Kimbar said his hopes is for the the Morningstar system to act as an extra set of eyes to help keep others safe.

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