Runaway horse carriage throws driver, two riders downtown

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A horse carriage with no driver bolted through downtown streets Friday night, spilling passengers onto the street, witnesses said.

According to witness James Freeman of St. Louis, the carriage started at Aldo’s on Main Street, where a driver picked up two riders. When the driver attempted to get in, the horse started moving.

A rider was thrown from a driver-less horse carriage Friday night at Second and Peabody Place. (Stacy Jacobson)

She ran beside the carriage with one foot inside while yelling “stop,” but the horse picked up speed and bolted.

Freeman saw the horse turn, eventually heading north on Second Street.

A woman fell out of the carriage at Second and Peabody Place and a man fell out at Second and Union.

One male was taken to a hospital in non-critical condition and a female was treated on the scene, police said.

Crews were later seen towing the carriage. The condition of the horse was not known Friday night.

A horse carriage is towed downtown Friday night (Brooke Billions)

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