Teenager recovering after being shot in the head over girl, police say

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A teenage boy is recovering tonight after being shot in the head Friday evening.

Police say it was all because of a girl.

The victim is a student at Hickory Ridge Middle School.

Police say he and his friend were driving on Apple Blossom Drive, near Clarke Road, when they pulled over and started talking to some of their female classmates.

Investigators say a boyfriend of one of the girls got angry and started shooting at the car.

A group of his friends allegedly did the same.

"It might have been an act of jealousy. It might be, what you call, a crime of passion or something like that," neighborhood resident Joe Smith said. "It's like a territorial thing, so that's how that goes."

The teen was hit in the head as he and his friend drove off.

The two ended up at a nearby gas station where police were already on the scene of an accident.

"He was holding a pair of jeans against his head where he got shot at," a witness told WREG.

Thankfully, the victim is expected to be okay.

Smith says he can't believe it.

"You know he lucky. Shoot, I thought you were going to say he passed away or what not. But living from a gunshot wound to the head, that's just blessing him," Smith said.

Police are looking for the suspects, who are likely teens as well.

One neighborhood resident says that angry boyfriend should have handled things differently if the allegations are true.

"There's a better way to solve anything. We've got to put the guns down," he said.

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