Live at 9: UCAN, ‘The Magical Mindful Day’ & The Amber McCain Band

The mission of UCAN

A Memphis-based program addressing bullying and peer pressure was born out of the suicide 10 years ago of a young man struggling with those types of issues himself. In his suicide note, Leshundra Robinson’s brother asked her to help young people like him. Since then, her organization UCAN has helped countless teens and pre-teens, like Carter Dugan.

Learning to be mindful in life

Parents and teachers can help children improve their school work and relationships with one simple daily habit: the practice of mindfulness. But the first step is to understand it ourselves, which is why even adults should start with Deborah Salazar Shapiro's new children's book "The Magical Mindful Day."

Curb-side pickup services

Grocery shopping is getting easier and easier with convenient curb-side pickup at most big stores like Walmart and Kroger. But how well do these work?

WREG's Chief Consumer Investigator Zaneta Lowe is here to explain.

The Amber McCain Band

If you like classic rock, you'll love The Amber McCain Band. Hailing from Brighton, Tennessee, the group will be performing this week at Robilio's Side Car on Whitten.

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