MLGW working to restore power after severe weather rips through Mid-South

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — MLGW crews are working to restore power for some customers after severe storms blew through the Mid-South on Sunday.

At one point, MLGW said more than 20,000 customers lost power.

Severe storms caused flooding on major Midtown roads and heavy winds brought down trees.

A roof was even blown off of a convenience store near Bayliss and National in Nutbush.

"The building started shaking, and we didn't even know what was going on outside," said Bassam Japer, who was inside at the time.

He was soon made aware of the major problem.

"One of my customers walked in and told me the roof was off. At first I didn't believe him," Japer said.

Not only is the new roof basically gone, but at least five vehicles that belong to the neighboring tire shop were crushed from the flying debris.

Bron Ruble, who works at the shop, said he didn't expect to see the damage when he showed up for work Monday morning.

"It did not even cross my mind at all," he said.

Japer says he is now depending on a fan to help keep his store somewhat bearable in the heat since his air conditioner is no longer working after the storm.

"It's tough. I mean, we can't breathe good, and we're sweating. Customers complain about it."

But Japer is keeping his business open since he now has to come up with thousands to get his roof fixed.

He's upset by the loss, but thankful no one was injured. "I just said, 'Oh my God. Thank you God that we're safe."


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