Arlington man arrested for allegedly threatening to kill his parents

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ARLINGTON, Tenn. — An Arlington, Tennessee man is in jail after police say her tried to shoot his parents.

Police say Richard Blaine, 21, arrived at his parents' home Friday night armed with a handgun.

It was shortly after his parents told him he had to go, and moments following an argument with his father over the phone.

Michael Berra says he had just met Blaine a week and half prior to the incident through friends, and he asked Berra for a ride to work.

"He was like, 'Well, can you just take me to my house to get my stuff?' I was like, 'Alright. Sure," Berra said. "It just kind of escalated into this."

By "this," he means as very scary situation.

Berra says Blaine continued to make calls to his family but had no luck, so he asked him to drive to their house.

As Berra sat in the car, Blaine was outside threatening his parents' lives.

Luckily for him, they had already made calls to police.

Police say Blaine told his parents, "I am going to shoot you both in the head."

He even pulled the trigger, but it jammed.

After the attempt, Blaine hopped in Berra's truck and told him to "Go!"

As he rushed to follow instructions, he noticed Blaine had a gun pointed at him.

"That's the time when I saw the cop, so I tried to reach for his hands and his gun. I tried to point it down towards my floor board," Berra said.

He says this goes to show how a nice gesture can turn into something so serious.

"Everything started going through my head like family, friends and stuff I'm trying to do with my life. That could have easily been taken away."

His mother told WREG, her son has mental health issues.

She says they tried to help him get on the right track many times.

Blaine is facing several assault charges and is expected to be in court on Monday.

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