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Mid-South Food Bank says food supplies are low as more families reach out for help

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Mid-South Food Bank says more families are reaching out for help this summer, and food supplies are running low.

It’s a trend they see in all 31 counties they serve every year, because children aren’t getting free or subsidized meals at school.

"Our toughest time is summer," said Marcia Wells, the communications director at the Mid-South Food Bank. "That’s when kids are out of school. These children are used to getting their free school meals, and suddenly, they’re having to eat at home."

What’s even worse, the donations don’t come like they do during holidays or other times of the year.

It leaves them and the food banks and agencies they partner with scrambling.

"We are able to provide what we have. When we are low, they’re low. That means they have to use some of their resources to find food elsewhere," said Wells.

She said they are running one of their largest fundraisers right now called Operation Feed, where companies and businesses fundraise through the summer until the end of the month.

If you'd like to participate in Operation Feed click here.

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