Does It Work: Studio Glow Makeup Lighting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As a makeup artist for TV, film and sporting events, Amy Burress said good lighting is essential.

"Light is so important because you really have to see their features. You have to see how it`s going to look on camera."

She said one of the first things she looks for when she arrives on set is natural lighting.

"We look for windows. We look for somewhere were there is not a lot of florescent lighting."

Burress loved the portability of the Studio Glow but wondered if it can truly offer even lighting. It was battery powered and had four lights which were 100 watts each. To attach it to a mirror, you used the three small suction cups located on the back.

Burress suctioned the Studio Glow to the mirror in the middle of the lights.

"Let's wiggle it. It isn't coming off."

She flipped the switch.

"That is pretty good."

But what about super dim lighting in a bedroom? We decided to take it into a bedroom, placed it down low on a full length closet mirror so we could do our makeup while sitting on the floor.

"And this is what it looks like on. I need one of these in every bathroom of our house."

"Even with the four bulbs. I mean, it gave us more lighting than what we had and that is what we're looking for."

Studio Glow, you passed the Does It Work test.

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