Video: Referee, players brawl during Georgia basketball tournament

GEORGIA — A basketball brawl from over the weekend is making the rounds on social media after players were caught on camera attacking a referee.

According to WSB-TV,  Sunday’s game between R.A.W. Athletics from Chicago and the Houston Raptors took a nasty turn after the referee called a technical foul on one of the players. That athlete “had words” with the ref, his coach said.

Video from the incident wasn’t focused on the player or the referee so it’s unclear what happened at that whistle was blown. When the camera comes back to the scene, the ref can be seen running after the player and then falling to the ground.

According to Howard Martin, the head coach of R.A.W. Athletics, his player was heading to bench when the referee pushed his player and the two “squared up.”

The other coach told WSB-TV he saw the player shoulder bump the referee, but didn’t see the beginning when punches were thrown.

Further along in the video, the players can be seen assaulting a man who appears to be the same ref. At one point he gets up to run away but the attack continued.

WSB-TV reported Chicago R.A.W. Athletics was disqualified from the tournament.

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