Live at 9: City Council controversy, Go and Do Sunday & ‘Three Days Missing’

City Council controversy

A citizen group is calling for three Memphis City Council members running for seats to resign quickly if they win. Their quick resignation would give the Election Commission time to put their council seats on the ballot in November.

Martavius Jones and Berlin Boyd talked about this controversial issue on Live at 9.

Make a Difference Monday

On Make a Difference Monday one of Memphis' largest churches will be shutting down all but one of its services next Sunday. This unusual move is so its members can make a difference in the community.

Phoenix Pope is with Hope and Pamela Cox is with the Neighborhood Christian Center, one of the organizations Hope members will work with on "Go and Do Sunday."

Author Chat: Kimberly Belle

Summer's a great time to kick back with a book, and we've got one that'll chill parents out there to the bone.
"Three Days Missing" has a plot pulled from the headlines, as a nine year old goes missing from an overnight trip in the mountains.

You can meet its author, best-selling novelist and native Tennessean Kimberly Belle, tonight at Novel bookstore in Laurelwood.

Music with Megg Farrell and Friends

Her sound was shaped in cities as diverse as New York, Paris, and Nashville, and has a touch of folk, jazz and country. Which makes Megg Farrell and Friends a perfect fit for a music town like Memphis.