West Memphis residents fed up with violence after 4 people shot in one day

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WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — West Memphis residents are calling for action after they say at least four people were shot in the city in just one day.

West Memphis police arrested two people facing murder charges. Family members tell us those people killed their 22-year-old loved one.

Right next to a school in West Memphis are balloons in remembrance of Kyland Hinton.

His daughter just 1-year-old and his girlfriend two months pregnant, are now left without him.

A cousin who was with him when the shooting happened said they were with a group of people when they saw a car pull up and start firing -- A car with Demetrice Driver and Allison Shinall in it.

Hinton is just one of at least four people in West Memphis that residents say were shot in one day.

Alexander Bass moved to West Memphis a few years ago. He’s lived at the Steeplechase Apartments near where Hinton was killed for over a year now.

Bass said in that time three people have lost their lives there.

“People that I shared memories with, life with, are gone,” Bass said.

He is tired of the violence.

“If you live a life of crime it ain’t nothing you gone get but the bad end of the stick," Bass said.

Bass knows that first hand after spending seven years in jail and is now trying to help young people stay out of trouble.

“If you’re a young kid and you have guidance and understanding in your life I think you should use it because the sense of killing is not going to help nobody," Bass said.

On the same day Hinton was killed, residents said one person was shot in the head on Gathings Drive while inside of a home. He was put on life support and died Saturday.

Another person was shot at on Oxford Street.

Darrin Christley is trying to change the mindset of people in the community in hopes to stop the violence in his hometown.

“When we have children losing their lives I rather be called a snitch than I would to see another child lose their life," Christley said.

He believes too many innocent people are losing their lives.

“That's what we are trying to stop, from your child being next, from my child being next, that’s what we are trying to stop.  We don’t know where the next bullet is going to land," Christley said.

Hinton’s funeral is still being arranged.

To help police, Christley and other members of the community will start patrolling areas themselves to try to limit crime.

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