Video: Man accused of attacking teen wearing MAGA hat

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Video of a grown man from Texas attacking a teenager for reportedly wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat has gone viral and landed the accused in some serious trouble.

Video of the incident started right as Kino Jimenez threw a soda in the teen’s face.

“…Supporting the President. You ain’t supporting s***.

He cursed at the teenager again before walking away with the hat still in tow.

It’s unclear what happened before the camera started rolling, but the teen who was wearing the hat told the local TV station the attack was unprovoked. He said he and his friends were simply sitting in Whataburger eating.

Video of the encounter has been shared millions of times and landed Jimenez behind bars facing theft charges.

But the incident reportedly has had some ramifications for others as well.

Jimenez’s family said since the video was posted they’ve been getting harassed after someone posted their address to the internet. Day in and day out, they’ve been fielding calls and knocks on their doors from people upset by the video.

It’s reportedly gotten so bad that the family is now scared for their safety and asked the news station not to show their faces.

What people don’t understand, they said, is that they haven’t spoken to Jimenez in years nor do they agree with his actions.

“I just can’t justify those actions, especially towards minors, you know.”

“Regardless of whether it was provoked or not.”

“Regardless of whether it was provoked or not. You know, when someone comes at you, if it looks like provocation, you are not supposed to rise up to it because you just prove them right.”

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