Video: Driver slams into Pennsylvania home at 80 mph

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A high speed chase in Pennsylvania this past week came to an end when the driver slammed into a home at 80 miles per hour.

Jennifer Smith’s security cameras were rolling as the car crashed into her home, went airborne and then landed on its side.

“At first I thought maybe a bookcase fell over or something but it was so loud and it went on for so long that I knew someone had hit the house,” she told WPMT.

The driver, Kameron Smith, was allegedly trying to run from police while driving under the influence. To make matters worse, the car wasn’t registered or insured.

“It is very frustrating because now my homeowners insurance policy is going to go through the roof or they may even drop me at this point and at least I am going to have coverage but it doesn’t seem fair that I’m stuck holding the bag and having to deal with all of this.”

“He actually apologized… I said ‘No, there aren’t enough apologies in the world’ and he was taken away in handcuffs.”

But there was a good thing to come out of this story.

Smith’s next door neighbor, Jeff Witmer, happens to be a contractor and said he would help her rebuild at no charge.

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