Pink Palace just one of many left without power because of storms

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Pink Palace Museum is one of the businesses and more than 1300 MLGW customers without power in the Memphis.

Marie Vukin is visiting Memphis from Northwest Arkansas for her daughter’s birthday.

“We wanted to see everything that sounds exciting," Vukin said.

That excitement took a new turn when they felt the storms rumble in last night.

“The storm blew in. There’s trees and signs all over the place flying and branches and suddenly lightning and thunder," Vukin said.

It knocked out the power where they’re staying.

Today they found out they weren’t alone when they came to visit the Pink Palace Museum and couldn’t get in.

Bill Walsh, Marketing Manager for the Pink Palace Museum, said more than a hundred people tried to visit the museum this morning and he had to turn them away.

“I know a lot of people wanted to escape the hot day and come in here and see a movie or visit the planetarium show or look at the exhibits.”

Scheduled field trips also had to be canceled.

“The kids are a little disappointed, as are the parents, so we’re just trying to let them know to come back when our power’s on," Walsh said.

Typically on a summer day,  a room filled with over 100 people in it, is empty.

Although it’s a loss in revenue museum employees are thankful the storm didn’t cause them any damage.

Now, this isn’t the first time Memphians have seen the power go out.

“People are taking it pretty well, I think they’ve been through the drill before," Walsh said.

Employees said they’re expected to have power restored soon,  but have yet to post an update to their Facebook page.

The phone lines are working if you want to call before planning a visit.

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