Hudson, Poncedeleon, Wisdom Ready To Represent Redbirds in All-Star Game

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.–It’s yet again the mid point of the the Pacific Coast League season, and yet again the Redbirds will have a large representation.

“Means a lot. I am super thankful, for all the people that voted, and the coaches that voted, I’m just really happy to be on that team and represent the Redbirds with Ponce and Hudson,” said Patrick Wisdom.

Voted into this year’s Triple-A All-Star Game in Columbus, Ohio, is third baseman Patrick Wisdom, he’s hitting just under 300 with 12 home runs. Joining him, two pitchers who have been rolling through the PCL. Daniel Poncedeleon is 7-3 with 91 strikeouts, while Dakota Hudson leads the league in wins and innings pitched, he’s also second in the PCL in ERA.

“It’s huge. It’s just a culmination of me doing the right thing on the right process. Just trying to keep it going. The second half is where you can tell the most about a player, so trying to make that a strong one,” said Dakota Hudson.

“It means a lot, it means that some people voted for me and some people like the way I pitch. It’s an honor,” said Daniel Poncdeleon.

“I think it is just kind of putting everything together, and meshing as one. Just mentally, physically, going out there and knowing that I can compete, and play my best ball every night out there and just having more, better days than bad days, I’d say,” said Wisdom.

This marks the third time in the last four years but just the third time since 2005, that Memphis has had three All-Stars.

“Honestly, two other guys is short, we deserve a lot more guys. This team is unbelievable. The whole team could be a big league squad,” said Poncedeleon.

Now of course being named to an All-Star game is a tremendous honor, but it does mean you have to give up 3 precious off days. And in a 140 game regular season, that can be asking a lot.

“Yeah, I guess you can call it bittersweet. It will be a little bit of a break, for sure, it is what it is, I’m just excited to be a part of that team. The off days are nice even though they are hard to come by. I’m just going to have fun and enjoy my time,” said Wisdom.

Regardless of the work these players are glad to be playing in this extra game.

“No the All-star game is where you want to be. I’m excited about that. I’ll get 3 days, I’ll get to see my wife, whenever she gets there. So that’s the most important part about it,” said Hudson.

“I’m going to enjoy it, and enjoy our time. Me and my wife, are going to be going out and hanging out there. For whatever work I get, I’m definitely going to give it my all, that’s the competitor in me and probably in everyone else,” said Poncedeleon.

At AutoZone park, Megan Rice, News Channel 3 Sports.

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