Video: Pup leads Washington troopers on chase

SEATTLE, Wa. — This pup had a ruff day. One look at the video and it’s clear the pup’s morning stroll was a little more than it bargained for.

“So he’d come all the way across the lake?”

“All the way across the lake,” confirmed Trooper David Smith.

Traffic on the 520 bridge was just starting to pick up Monday morning when the dog was spotted on the shoulder of the bridge headed for Seattle and feet from speeding cars. The dog wasn’t the only one in danger.

“I was hearing over the radio that multiple vehicles were stopping trying to chase the dog,” said Smith. “They were blocking traffic.”

By the time he arrived it was on the eastern edge of Seattle. It ran up an on ramp onto Foster Island when Smith tried to grab it. The pup’s rush hour commute left it a bit grumpy.

“Immediately when I went to the knee, started coming towards me and growled show its teeth at me.”

The dog finally jumped into the bushes on the west side of the bridge. It was still on the loose but out of harms way. Hours later Animal Control officers found it not far from where it was herded off the freeway.

Still a bit spooked, the dog didn’t want anything to do with people. It was just ready to go home.

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