House and car damaged in Horn Lake drive-by shooting

HORN LAKE, Miss. — Horn Lake Police are looking for the person responsible in a drive-by shooting Saturday morning in the 3900 block of Carroll Drive.

Police say a house and vehicle were found riddled with bullet holes and gouges when they arrived to a call around 7:30 in the morning.

Shell casings were also found in a nearby street.

Neighbors say they are worried, because they don't believe the shooting was random.

"My dog was raising hell, because she's scared of noises. I thought it was fireworks going off," said one neighbor.

But it wasn't fireworks, in fact it was multiple gun shots.

"It sound like eight to 10 maybe," said Jonathan Jaynes.

The echoing sound of gunfire woke up other neighbors in the area.

"I looked out the window, and the streets were blocked off with cops. The yellow tape was all cross our yard and across the street," said one neighbor.

The damage is extensive.

This home is riddled with bullet holes, while windows are shattered in two cars in the driveway.

One neighbor tells us the violence is unusual for the area.

"It's usually pretty quiet around here. We have great neighbors, and everybody is friendly."

But she still says she's not surprised.

"I should've seen it coming, because of the activity that goes on at that house," she said. "I can't sit here and say I didn't see it coming. I mean, it has to be prostitution and drug dealings going on in that house."

Jonathan Jaynes says this isn't the first time they've see trouble there.

"Yeah, they did slash their tires about a week or two ago, but it seems like it's only happening to them. It seems like they're being targeted."

Now, the neighbors just hope the culprits are caught.

"If they didn't get their target, you don't know when are they going to come back next," Jaynes said. "So, you have that on your mind every time you come outside."

No one was injured in the shooting, and no arrests have been made.