West Memphis woman waits for big prize she won at gospel event

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — A 69-year-old West Memphis woman won a big raffle right before a scary surgery,  but now her son says the gospel group who named his mother the winner still hasn’t paid up.

Dewayne Miller says his mother found herself a winner of $5,000 and a chance at a trip to Las Vegas at a gospel event on the 16th. It was the miracle the family has been praying for and the timing seemed like it couldn’t have been more perfect.

“It was a blessing for her, which is a good thing, but I don’t know if this has turned into a nightmare,” he said. “If it was me I wouldn’t be concerned but it is my 69-year-old mother getting ready to have hip surgery.”

Miller says Shawn Law — the man in charge of the raffle — made his way back to Murfreesboro, assuring the mother and son the money would make it to them in a few days.

“Three or four days later I started texting and calling him,” Miller said. That’s when the excuses started.

“I said who are the people? He never said who they are, he just said, ‘I’ll bring the check, I’ll bring the check.'”

According to messages Miller says are from Law, he repeatedly blames the delay on an HR department he never identifies. He even at one point tells Miller there is no promise on the flier.

WREG Reached out to law, but he never answered and didn’t return our call.

“I am trying to figure out, is it a scam and is he just using the gospel as a prop to make money?” Miller said.

He’s starting to fear it may have all been a sham — and now he’s worried Law could keep it up in other cities. His advice to winners: Demand the winnings on the spot.

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