Victim in carjacking spree tells suspect, ‘You don’t get away. They are going to get you’

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- Memphis Police are looking for a man accused of carjacking not one but two people in a matter of minutes.

Officers released a picture of the man that's not that clear but they're hoping someone in the public might recognize him.

They say he attacked the people in a downtown parking garage off Front Street.

One of them actually worked at the garage.

Corey Woods walked us through the moments he was carjacked Monday.

"He said, 'Hey do you work here?' And I said, 'Yessir.' He said I need to ask you a question. I said, 'Go right ahead.' He jumped out his truck and he put the 9mm to my temple and told me leave my phone. T'ake my wallet out my pocket, put the car in park, get out or I'm going to kill you.'"

Woods was stunned and didn't think the holdup was real at first.

He says he did his best to stay calm.

"The type of person that I am, I wanted to defend myself. But the only thing I could see was my fiance, my son, my daughter and brother's faces standing over me in front of a casket crying, 'No, you can have it," said the 44-year-old as he put his hands in the air.

It turns out the the carjacker was on a spree.

Police say he had just held up a lady in the garage moments before, and was driving her truck when he saw Woods and decided to take his Dodge Charger instead.

From there, police say the man drove across the bridge over to Marion, Arkansas and made a stop.

"The guy had went inside a gas station and he tried to purchase some gas for my car. Before you know it, the police was all around my car, and he ended up carjacking somebody else over there."

It's far from the only cases police have on their plate.

Another carjacking was reported early Sunday in midtown off South Greer Street.

In that case, the victim was pistol-whipped and shot at.

Thankfully it sounds like hes going to be OK and that vehicle has also been located but the carjacker is still out there.

Memphis Police are reminding drivers to never fight with an attacker over belongings, saying it's not worth it.

They also say be sure to park in well lit areas and do not let cell phones distract you.

Woods agrees and has a message as for the guy still on the run.

"My friend, You don't get away. They are going to get you. They are going to get you and when they get you you can rest assured that I will be in that courtroom to prosecute you to the fullest."

Woods is happy his car has been found but he has concerns.

He has only had that car for a week.

He says he hopes it is still in good condition and that the tools he uses to clean garages are still there.

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