Man says gun was pulled on him during road rage incident that lasted nearly 50 miles

CROSS COUNTY, Ark. — A road rage that lasted nearly 50 miles ended with a gun being pulled on the highway.

Luckily no one was hurt, but one man is now charged with aggravated assault.

It started out innocent enough.

Zachary Roberts says he passed a guy who was going below the speed limit near Augusta, Arkansas an though that was the end of it.

"I went around him going 55 miles her hour, and I guess he got mad or something."

According to police, the other driver, identified as John Larker Jr., wasn't okay with being passed.

Roberts says this was just the beginning of the ordeal.

"We started out in Augusta."

For 47 miles Roberts, who was behind the wheel of a truck that was headed to a work site with his coworkers, battled on the road with Larker Jr.

"He passed me with his hand out the window, then he started slamming his brakes," Roberts said.

The road rage escalated to the unthinkable and lead Roberts to realize it was time to call police.

"He came by with a .357. He didn't say anything. He just rolled down his window and cocked the hammer back, and started waving it.

Roberts says when the gun was pulled he hit the gas.

Police told him to remain calm and keep driving, and a few miles later a police officer stopped Larker Jr. right outside of Wynne, AR.

He admitted to showing his gun, which was still on the passenger seat and he's now charged with aggravated assault.

Larker Jr. told police he pulled a gun in response to being provoked by Roberts' actions on the road.