Former employee accused in Krystals armed robbery

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  A Memphis man is behind bars after police say he and two other suspects robbed his former employer.

Early Friday morning three armed suspects reportedly entered the Krystals on Mt. Moriah Road and ordered the employees to the ground. Pointing a gun to her head, the suspects demanded the safe key from the drive-thru cashier. She told them she didn’t have it.

That’s when they grabbed the manager and forced her into her office at gunpoint, police said.

Before taking off with the money, the crooks also grabbed the woman’s purse and her bank card.

Unfortunately for them, their plan didn’t go as smoothly as they had hoped. One of the robbers was identified by the victims as a former employee named Dajhun Stamps.

Stamps was located on Tuesday and charged with two counts of aggravated robber.

According to court records, he was also charged with drug possession and for taking contraband into a penal facility after he was arrested.

The other suspects were not identified.