Does It Work: The Egg & Omelet Wave

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Lindsey Jones, mother of two, knows all too well about the morning breakfast rush.

“On a normal school day, it’s more like grab something from the freezer and eat it in the car on the way.”

What do her two boys wish they could have for breakfast everyday?

“Doughnuts. For sure! From the local doughnut shop.”

Fortunately, her boys like eggs as well. Lindsey hopes The Egg & Omelet Wave can live up to it’s quick claim for a fast, fresh egg breakfast. It comes with the omelet cooker and a two egg insert for poached eggs.

First up, poached eggs.

Teegan and Lindsey cracked two eggs and filled the cavities of the poached egg insert. Then Tristen added a half teaspoon of water to each cavity as the instructions stated. Then it was time to pierce the egg yolk to prevent it from exploding.

Next, Lindsey placed the insert into the cooker, closed the lid and placed it into the microwave for thirty seconds. Then let the egg rest for thirty seconds. Then microwaved it for another fifteen seconds with another thirty second rest.

“Looks a little runny to me. Feel like we need to cook it a little more.”

So back into the microwave for fifteen more seconds with a thirty second rest.

“This is looking better.”

Time to plate our poached eggs. Lindsey was able to remove each one with no hassle. As for taste, they all approved!

Up next, a cheesy omelet. They cracked eggs into a measuring cup, whisked and then divided the egg mixture equally between both sides of the open omelet cooker. Placed the open omelet cooker into the microwave for one minute and fifteen seconds.

“The middle is still a pretty runny.”

Back into the microwave for fifteen more seconds.

Now it was time to remove it from the microwave and add cheese to one side of the omelet cooker. Then close the unit to fold the omelet together and pop it back into the microwave to finish cooking.

“Okay now we’re looking good.”

Lindsey removed it from the cooker. Teegan added a little more cheese, salt, pepper and gave it a try.

The boys approved!

Egg and Omelet Wave you passed the Does It Work test.

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