Sweepstakes snafu: Woman says bank mistook check for scam

MUNFORD, Tenn. — A man won a Corona sweepstakes and $3,000 but he says a Ripley bank shredded his check because they thought it was a scam.

It turns out, the check was real.

"It went from, 'Yeah, we're going to Florida, to what do you mean they ripped the check?"

Shelia Word says she went on a roller coaster of emotions when she found out her son won a sweepstakes and soon would be leaving to Key West, Florida.

"We were going to stay at the beach house, it was him and five plus people. We had round trip tickets and the $3,000."

Word tells me her son got the check Tuesday and took it to the Bank of Ripley where she says it was shredded, because the bank thought it was a scam.

"They called back twice the first time to say it may have been a scam. The second time they called to say they can hold it for seven days to make sure. We said, 'No, that's not going to help us any."

And it won't because they leave for the trip on Thursday.

We went to the Bank of Ripley and the branch manager told us they did not shred the check, but wouldn't say what happened to it.

However, he did say that they may have made a mistake.

Word says Corona is wiring her son the money so they will have it when they go to Florida.

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