Mississippi teacher accused of improper conduct with student

OXFORD, Miss. — A Lafayette High School teacher is accused of hitting up a student for sex. The teacher is a woman and the student is a teenage boy.

The Lafayette County Sheriff's Department says the teacher tried, but failed to meet up with that student for sex.

The investigation started weeks ago when the sheriff's department got a complaint from Lafayette County Schools. Investigators are not saying how school leaders found out about the alleged, attempted meeting.

The department filed an affidavit today, but WREG is not naming the teacher since she hasn't been charged. That's because, in Mississippi, in a situation like this, a teacher can't be formally charged or arrested until a probable cause hearing is held. That hearing has yet to be scheduled.

Otisha Porter, an Oxford resident, is disgusted by the allegations.

"It makes you wonder about sending your kids to school, and for a lady teacher to be messing with little boys, I don't think it's right," Porter says.

We called Lafayette County Schools' superintendent to find out if the teacher has been suspended or fired, but the phone just kept ringing. We couldn't even leave a message.

Daniel Doyle, another Oxford resident, is glad the alleged meet up for sex didn't happen. He hopes the young student is okay.

"No one comes out of this alright," Doyle says, "You see a lot of times it's position of influence and power over someone who's more vulnerable. In this case, a student and a teacher and that's a clear example of that vulnerability."

We tracked down a school email address for the teacher and asked her for comment but she has not responded to our email. Again, we don't know her employment status with the school district.

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