Video: Man dressed as security guard opens fire during Houston road rage incident

HOUSTON, Texas — Police are investigating after an incident of road rage quickly escalated into shots being fired on a busy Houston street.

Sol Uresti and his friends were one lane over when they noticed a man dressed in a security guard uniform arguing with a man in a red truck. Naturally, they pulled out their phones and started recording.

The resulting video turned out to be more dramatic than the boys expected.

As they watched, a man dressed in a security guard uniform pulled out a gun and fired several times.

Thankfully, it appears no one was hurt during the incident.

Houston police confirmed to KTRK they are investigating the video.

After the story aired on KTRK, the security guard came forward saying he opened fire in self defense.

John Onyeri said it all started after the red truck hit him from behind. He got out to talk to the driver and eventually reached inside the car to get the man’s insurance papers.

Apparently fearing for his safety, the driver rolled up his window.

That’s when Onyeri said he pulled a weapon to deflate the man’s tires because the man was running.

The incident is still under investigation.