Memphis officer rented Berclair banquet hall where man was shot, killed

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police have not given a lot of information regarding a fatal shooting outside a Berclair event venue that left a 24-year-old dead.

On Monday morning the Summer Banquet Hall was quiet, but that's not how it always is, according to the business owners next door.

"When the music goes on, sometimes all of the stuff on the walls fall down," said the owners of the Japanese restaurant next to the event venue.

They said that was their biggest concern until now.

Police said a fight that started outside the banquet hall around 11:30 Saturday night led to gunfire that killed a 24-year-old.

The owner of the Summer Banquet Halls told WREG he rented the venue out to a Memphis police officer who threw a 16th birthday party for her daughter.

"One of my coworkers gave her the key. She closed the banquet when she left," Mike, the owner, said.

He said the shooting must've happened after they closed at 10:30 p.m.

But police said the fight happened because someone was told they weren't allowed in the party.

A witness, who also works in the plaza, said security guards told him they took charge.

“They say the security shot him," Mohammad Abdalsamad said.

The owner wouldn't tell us the name of the police officer who rented out the space.

He also said he didn't even know the shooting killed someone until the next day.

"I feel so sorry," he said.

The owner said planned to recommend to anyone renting out his space to hire their own security guard.

Business owners in the Summer Avenue plaza where the shooting happened say they've also had other recent issues, including a tobacco shop that was burglarized two weeks ago.

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