North Carolina pizza worker accused of adding rat poison to cheese

RALEIGH, N.C. — A former pizza shop employee is behind bars after allegedly adding a dangerous ingredient to several containers of cheese.

According to CNN, manager Gural Bicer was fixing a pie Friday evening when he noticed something strange mixed in with the mozzarella. He described it as looking like sticks or pieces of wood and immediately began to investigate.

The unknown additive turned out to be rat poison. A quick look at surveillance videos revealed an employee, Ricky Lee Adami, was the one who had been prepping the cheese that day.

What happened next was shocking.

“I see him reach into his pocket and sprinkle something into the cheese. I kept watching it and he did it three more times,” said Bicer.

In all, Adami allegedly contaminated three tubs of cheese. Everything else that he had touched that day was also thrown out, the manager said.

It’s still unclear why the 59-year-old employee decided to add the ingredient, but Bicer admitted he was acting strange that day.

Adami was charged with food contamination.