Live at 9: Porcelan, the Lorraine Motel & Georgia Tann

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The Lorraine Motel

Modern day Memphians know the Lorraine Motel as the National Civil Rights Museum, following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior there in 1968. But during the Jim Crow era the Lorraine Motel was an elite overnight stop for notable guests from Louis Armstrong to Nat King Cole to Otis Redding.

WREG was live on location at the National Civil Rights Museum, where a party this weekend will remind Memphians of the Lorraine’s heyday.

Boosting your credit score

The average credit score in Memphis is more than 100 points lower than in Minnesota where credit scores rank the best in the nation. That doesn't hurt just the individual with poor credit: it also hurts all Memphis businesses. That's why the Memphis Area Community Reinvestment Association is holding a workshop for community organizations and financial services businesses who want to help their customers improve their scores.

They stopped by to give us three tips on how we can all boost our score.

The Lorraine Motel

Seventy-three years ago an African American businessman helped put Memphis on the map, despite discriminatory Jim Crow laws. The Lorraine Motel became a hot spot for travelers, both ordinary folks and the nation's top politicians, entertainers and athletes.

Dr. Noelle Trent talks about a very special exhibit dedicated to the museum's history.

Healing after the Georgia Tann scandal

Say the name Georgia Tann to a long-time Memphian and they will no doubt remember one of the darker stories to ever come out of the Bluff City. For 30 years Tann ran the Tennessee Children's Home Society, and basically stole children from impoverished families and then adopted them out to wealthy families.  Actress Joan Crawford was among her wealthy clients.

This weekend, a series of events in Memphis will continue the healing process for those caught up in the scandal.  Author Lisa Wingate wrote a best-selling novel based on the Tann case, and Judi Bishop is one of the children Georgia Tann sent to a new home.

Music with Porcelan

When iconic Memphis songwriter David Porter compares you to Whitney Houston or Gladys Knight, you know you've got the it factor. And the world apparently agrees. Porcelan's latest single 'Lois Lane' is climbing the charts, and the prestigious Essence Music Festival in New Orleans has invited her to perform next month.

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