Girlfriend charged after shooting man in arm, groin

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The woman who called police to say she shot her boyfriend Tuesday morning has been charged.

According to jail records, Valencia Smith was charged with aggravated assault after she returned to her Pawnee home and was confronted by her boyfriend.

Initial reports indicated the woman told police she was attacked and opened fire in self defense, but officers later noted in their report they both got into “a tussle” resulting in Smith reaching into her purse – which was still on her shoulder- and pulling out a gun. She reportedly shot the man once in the arm and again in the groin.

In all, police said Smith fired five times.

She then went outside and waited for police to arrive.

They noted in their police report the two had been together for two years.

The male subject was taken to the Regional Medical Center in critical condition. It’s still unclear if he will face charges.