Weather-related closings

Days later: Residents still without power after storm rips through Forrest City

FORREST CITY, Ark. — It's day four since strong storms hit Francis County.

On Wednesday morning, more than 900 residents were still without power.

"There's still people who really don't have anywhere to go," a resident said.

Those who live in Forrest City are just trying to take it day by day.

"My baby hasn't had any medicine in two days," Lequisha Jenkins said.

She is one of the many residents without power who are still trying to back on track after Saturday's storms.

"Where do we go? We don't have any assistance, but the Red Cross," she said.

Even though Jenkins is still struggling herself, she's been lending a helping hand as a volunteer for the Red Cross.

She helps by feeding and housing those who had been living without electricity.

"I'm the same way as everybody else. I have no food, nothing," Jenkins said.

One couple's backyard looks like a jungle - with fallen trees everywhere.

"We just got lucky that's all I can say. We got lucky," the couple said.

Until Wednesday, the family had been staying at a motel - just like Angela Robinson and her daughter McKayla Cochran, who stopped by the shelter for food when their power went out.

They lost two pets in the storm and say their children are struggling with anxiety but acknowledge that it could've been worse.

"At least there was no loss of life. That's what I'm thankful for. That was a miracle in itself," Robinson said.

Although Wednesday was the last night the Red Cross shelter was open, workers say the city is still offering cooling stations for those in need.