Sheriff: Teen’s body found in Collierville lake

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday afternoon that the body of a teenager who drowned in a Collierville lake has been found.

SCSO will provide a statement later Wednesday.

“It really traumatizing to everybody, including the people out here conducting the search and anybody who hears about it. I’ve had tons of people come up to me saying what a tragedy it is,” said Earle Farrell, spokesman with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities have not yet identified the 15-year-old. Shelby County authorities say the teenager was from Fayette County.

He had gone to a lake in Collierville with friends to swim Monday evening after playing basketball nearby.

“They decided they were hot and sweaty, so they jumped into the pond,” Farrell said.

Initially, authorities thought the group was on a boat. But after re-interviewing witnesses, they say the boys jumped in the water and were swimming to a small island.

“On the way out there, one of them started flailing in the water and was obviously in trouble,” Farrell said.

His friends tried to help, but he started pulling them down with him, “so they pushed him away. He went under and never came up.”

Officials say the water depth varies throughout the lake, from three feet to 17.

They’ve had crews out there trying to find the boy from 8 a.m. until sundown, including a dive team from Fayette County.

“They’re used to being in the water for long periods of time and in all kinds of conditions. Our dive team says they’re probably the best in our region,” Farrell said.

Officials are hoping they can help bring closure to the young man’s loved ones.

“Prayers for the family, because they are going to need them,” Farrell said.

Authorities say the rest of the group the teenager was with are all from Bartlett.

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